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Memorial Day Dry-Aged Made-By-Dave Burgers $ 55 +

Pre-Made 6oz Dry-Aged, Single-Animal Burgers.

Memorial Day Dry-Aged DIY Burgers $ 55 +

Make your own burgers with our 1lb packages of Dry-Aged, Single-Animal Ground Beef.

Sirloin Share $ 167

Perfect for someone who loves a lean but flavor-packed steak! 4x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 6x 8oz Sirloin Tip Steaks; 2x 8oz Chuck Steaks; and 2lbs Single-Source, Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Hipster Steak Share $ 124

The best cuts you've never heard of: 4x 8oz Flat Iron Steaks, the 2nd most tender cut on the whole animal! 4x 8oz Sirloin Tip Steaks, and 2lbs Single-Source, Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Brisket Share $ 119

Familiar and robust: The Brisket. 1x Brisket Flat or Point Roast, ~4.75lbs; 6lbs Marrow Bones. Roast them, sprinkle with malden salt and scoop right up. Then, boil them for darn delicious, darn nutritious bone broth.

New York Strip Share $ 139

Many names, one killer reputation: New York Strip. 4x 12oz NY Strips; 2x 10oz Chuck Eye Steaks; 1x 16oz Skirt Steak

Honest Beef Jerky $ 24 +

Introducing Honest Beef Jerky - unveiled this year at the Boston Marathon!

Short Ribs Share $ 134

Ribs! They're flavor-packed and great for a crowd - or for just one! Try our friend Kenny Polcari's Braised Short Rib Recipe! 6lbs Short Ribs (bone-in)

The Nebraska $ 299

Our most grandiose cuts: 2x 24oz Ribeyes; 2x 20oz New York Strips; 2x 12oz Top Sirloins; 2x 10oz Chuck Eye Steaks; 4lbs Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Ribeye Share $ 189

These ribeyes are works of art. 2x 20oz Ribeye Steaks; 2x 10oz chuck eye steak (the best steak you've never heard of), 1x 16oz Skirt Steak; and 2lbs Bone-In Short Ribs

Tenderloin Filet Share $ 209

7.5lbs of Luxury. 4x 8oz Tenderloin Filets; 2x 12oz New York Strip Steaks; 2x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 2x 10oz Chuck Eye Steaks; 2lbs Bone-In Short Ribs

Luxe Steak Share $ 262

12lbs of luxury. 2x 8oz Filet Mignon; 2x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 2x 12oz New York Strips; 2x 8oz Flank Steaks; 2lbs Bone-In Short Ribs; 3lbs Dry-Aged, Single Animal Ground Beef

Butcher's Share $ 179

Only one Hanger Steak per animal! 1x Hanger Steak; 2x, 20oz Boneless Ribeyes; 2x 16oz Bone-In Shank Steaks (with marrow!)

Premium Bone In Share $ 179

2x 16oz Bone-In Ribeye Steaks; 4x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 2x 8oz Flank Steaks; 2x 8oz Mock Tender Steaks.

Tri-Tip Share $ 139

Only 2 shares available. 1x 2.75lb Tri-Tip Roast: Broil, Grill, or Roast it! 1, 2.75lb Tri-Tip Roast: Broil, Grill, or Roast it! 2, 8oz Mock Tender Steaks, 1, 16oz Skirt Steak

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