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Amazon Alexa + Honest Beef

We're excited to unveil Honest Beef for Alexa! We've cataloged every single meat cut, where it comes from, and how to cook it. Simply say, "Alexa, open Honest Beef." and she'll speak words that will make your mouth water on the spot. 

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The Quick & Dirty of Cattle Prices

In the conventional beef supply chain, there are generally five entities that need to be paid in order for beef to get from a rancher's pasture to your plate: the rancher is paid by the feedlot, the feedlot is paid by the packing plant, the packing plant by the distributor, the distributor by the retailer, and the retailer by you. Everyone is trying to make a little money, but often times, someone loses.

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Creative Customers: The unexpected dish John D. made out of Honest Beef heart

Whenever one of our beloved customers orders one of the lesser-known cuts, I am always curious to see what they have planned for it. So when customer John D. ordered a heart, I assumed he was going to slice and grill it, or shred it and slow cook it for some sort of barbacoa-style dish.  Boy, was I wrong.  No, John had bigger plans for his cupid's organ: beef heart jerky. Isn't that wacky and beautiful and the same time?! He was kind enough to share a step-by-step of how he did it along with photos and commentary, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!  John D's Honest Beef Heart Jerky Heart sliced into 1/4" strips Drying...

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How Leprechauns Make Corned Beef

The Connealys are Irish. The Connealy Angus logo features a shamrock, our bull sale catalog is covered in them, and my grandma lives on Irish Lane. My late grandfather could tell a story like no one you've ever heard, and the song "Danny Boy" brought tears to his eyes. We're proud to be Irish, but know it only really qualifies us to comment on no more than three items: 1) Guinness, 2) tall tales, and 3) corned beef.  Corned beef is a staple of St. Patrick's Day whether it's served boiled, with cabbage, or in a reuben. And while most choose to buy corned beef as corned beef, making it is not difficult and yields a flavor that will send you over the rainbow!  The...

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How (and Why) to Easily Render Beef Fat into Tallow

Unlike vegetable oils that are unstable at high temperatures and oxidize, releasing free radicals that contribute to the breakdown of cells and tissues in our bodies, beef tallow is stable at high temperatures (420F smoke point), making it safer for frying, less susceptible to burning, and tastier. Aside from cooking, tallow can also be used as a skin salve, in the making of candles and soaps, as a leather conditioner, and in baking pastries, cakes, and pies. 

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Beef Stock 101

Beef stock is a slight practice in patience, but let me tell you - it is well worth the wait. When we throw away bones, we are throwing away a whole host of nutritional goodness in the lost calcium and other minerals.  The health benefits of beef stock are well documented, not to mention the soothing warm that can wash over a body when it is sipped like coffee. Here are a few basic uses: ...read on

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The Way Beef Used To Taste: Dry-Aging

Dry-aging is a term that you've probably heard of, and you may even associate it with a quality product, but may be hard-pressed to describe. And truth be told, why would you know what it is? So few meat purveyors take the time to dry-aged their product, that it is no longer easy to come by. What is dry-aging? Why does it work? Why do only a few purveyors do it? Read on for answers...

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