Honest Beef Mother's Day Menu

Honest Beef Mother's Day Menu

Treat your best gal to a home-cooked meal on Mother's Day! We did the heavy lifting for you by creating a Mother's Day Menu below. Now all you need is to order her favorite steak, make a quick trip to the market, and follow the directions below!
Easy, and a wonderfully thoughtful gift. We promise we won't tell her the menu wasn't your idea ;) 
**Don't forget to pick up flowers for a centerpiece!



🌷Monday Before


🌷Friday/Saturday Before


🌷Sunday, Mother's Day

  • Pour her a nice glass of wine
  • Light the grill and follow our Mother's Day Menu directions



Appetizer: Jalapeño Poppers


  • 10 Whole Jalapeños 
  • 8 oz Cream Cheese
  • 5 slices bacon (optional)
  • Toothpicks 


  1. Cut jalapeños in half lengthwise and use a spoon to scoop out seeds and white membranes
  2. Fill each half with cream cheese
  3. Cut bacon slices in half so you have 10 shorter pieces. *The bacon is optional - you can also skip. 
  4. Match jalapeño halves back together and wrap bacon around them, securing with a toothpick or on a skewer.
  5. Grill until the bacon is crispy and the jalapeños are tender. The cheese should be soft but not melted.

Main Dish: Her favorite steak on the grill


  1. Make sure you know how she likes her meat cooked! Here's a grilling guide to help you out. 
  2. Salt, pepper, and high heat. Depending on the cut, give it a nice sear for 2 minutes on each side, then cook until the desired internal temperature has been reached.

Side Dishes:

Grilled Corn on the Cob: just shuck and put on the grill, turning once you see a slight browning on the corn. 

Spring Salad: Top a fresh green salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and mozzarella cheese. Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, and ground black pepper, mix, and serve. 

Watermelon: Cut and serve! 

Dessert: Ice Cream Sundaes 


  1. Her favorite flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt
  2. Toppings: assorted sprinkles, berries, maraschino cherries, chocolate and caramel sauce, chocolate chips, peanuts, crushed Oreos, granola, etc.
  3. Ice cream cones (optional)


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