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Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef $ 55 +

Our Honest Beef Ground Beef is so popular it's tough to keep on the shelves! Thanks to our butchers Dave and Brian we have a limited availability restock. We suggest ordering while we have it! Ground Beef is packaged in 1lb packages. Choose between a 5lb pack or a 10lb pack.

Ribeye Share $ 166

These ribeyes are works of art. 2x 20oz Ribeye Steaks; 2x 8oz Flank Steaks; 2x 16oz Bone-In Shank Steaks (with marrow!)

Hipster Steak Share $ 114

The best cuts you've never heard of: 2x 8oz Flat Iron Steaks - the 2nd most tender cut on the whole animal only behind the tenderloin filet - and 3x 16oz Skirt Steaks, a cut that's rising the charts as a customer favorite!

Luxe Steak Share $ 275

One of the most deluxe assortments we offer: 13lbs of luxury. 2x 16oz Bone-In Ribeye Steaks; 2x 20oz Boneless Ribeye Steaks, 4x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 2lbs Bone-In Short Ribs; 2x 16oz Shank Steaks; 2lbs Dry-Aged, Single Animal Ground Beef

Premium Bone In Share $ 166

2x 16oz Bone-In Ribeye Steaks; 4x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; and 2x 16oz Shank Steaks (with bone marrow!).

The Nebraska


The Nebraska $ 279

Our most grandiose, 1.5" steaks. For those who go big or go home. 2x 24 oz Ribeye Steaks; 2x 20oz New York Strips; 2x 12oz Top Sirloins; 2lbs Single-Origin Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Sirloin Share $ 156

Perfect for someone who loves a lean but flavor-packed steak! 4x 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks; 2x 8oz Sirloin Tip Steaks, and 2x 16oz. Bone-In Shank Steaks!

Butcher's Share $ 179

Only one Hanger Steak per animal! 1x Hanger Steak; 2x, 16oz Boneless Ribeyes; 2x 16oz Bone-In Shank Steaks (with marrow!)

Honest Beef Ribeye 4-Pack $ 175

Introducing our first-ever ribeye-only package: our Ribeye 4-Pack! We've bundled one of our most popular cuts into a package ready for your next dinner party, gift package, or weekday dinner. 4x 20 oz. Boneless Ribeye Steaks

Short Ribs Share $ 134

Ribs! They're flavor-packed and great for a crowd - or for just one! Try our friend Kenny Polcari's Braised Short Rib Recipe! 6lbs Short Ribs (bone-in)

New York Strip 4 or 6 Pack


New York Strip 4 or 6 Pack $ 108 +

New York Strip, Kansas City Steak, Shell matter what you call it, this steak carries the same reputation for being a perfect hybrid of marbling and flavor-packed lean beef. Choose between a 4-pack or a 6-pack!

Honest Beef Sirloin 6-Pack $ 114

A seriously delicious, seriously underrated piece of the beef. It packs the flavor of a Strip or a Ribeye without being boisterous, and melts in your mouth like a filet. Cook it up on the grill or cast iron just like any other steak, cut across the grain, and let the magic happen. 6x 8 oz. Top Sirloin Steaks

Osso Bucco Share $ 138

Who can say no to tender, braised meat and ultra-flavorful marrow inside a shank? 4x 1.5lb Shank Steaks; 3lbs Marrow Bones, 5lbs Single-Animal, Dry-Aged Ground Beef

Tri-Tip Share $ 139

Only 2 shares available. 1x 2.75lb Tri-Tip Roast: Broil, Grill, or Roast it! 1, 2.75lb Tri-Tip Roast: Broil, Grill, or Roast it! 4, 8oz Mock Tender Steaks, 4, 6oz Single-Origin, Dry-Aged Burgers

Dry-Aged Dinner for Two $ 83 +

By popular request, we're excited to unveil our Dry-Aged Dinner for Two series of shares. For those looking for something special that fits their family and their freezer, this is it!


$ 26

BIG BEEF $ 249 +

Big Beef is Back! We're bringing back our large shares, this time loaded with all of our finest cuts: Boneless Ribeyes, Bone-In Ribeyes, Tenderloin Filets, Top Sirloin Steaks, New York Strips, Skirt Steaks, and of course our crowd-favorite Dry-Aged, Single-Animal Ground Beef.

Dry-Aged Flank Steak 10-PACK! $ 89

Ten of our beefy, irresistible flanks steaks at a volume price! 10x 8 oz. Dry-Aged Flank Steaks

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