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Hi, I'm Hannah! 

Hannah Raudsepp Honest Beef

I grew up on an Angus cattle ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills, and loved every minute of it - the work, the open spaces, the small schools, the people - all of it. Beef was included in at least one meal throughout the day, and I took for granted that I understood how it ended up on my plate.  What I didn't realize was how misunderstood the cattle industry is on a larger scale.

After I graduated from college and moved to Boston, I began to notice how detached many feel from where food is produced and by whom. There was an underlying feeling of distrust that I detected especially around beef, how it's raised, its nutrition, and from where it comes.  To add to this paradox, ranchers and farmers are equally as disconnected with the people their food nourishes. Once an animal leaves the operation, the producer doesn't know where his or her product goes. 

I started Honest Beef to address this lack of transparency for both ends of the value chain; you can know exactly where your beef is from, and we can know who we are feeding. When we nail it, it's a win-win. 

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