Custom Cut Request - Deadline: February 10th

Honest Beef Butchers

Our butchering instructions are optimized for what the majority of Honest Beef customers enjoy. This means that we don't always cut every possible steak out of our beef that can be cut. But this week, we are opening our butchering instructions up to you!

Are you looking for a cut that we don't currently have in stock? A King-sized steak you can't find anywhere else? A packer brisket for your BGE? Or maybe you're missing Chuck Eye Steaks or Sirloin Tips. 

We start with the whole beef, so the options are nearly endless.

Fill out the form below, including the cut and the size in ounces you would like. We will respond within 24 hours with a quote and any other necessary details. 

*Please note that cuts with significant amounts of bone such as a tomahawk are not recommended. Regardless of how carefully we pack it - it is very like to arrive with a broken seal due to jostling in-transit. 

Honest Beef Butchers

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