July 4th Holiday Shipping Schedule

Please note that July 4th is a logistic holiday, so no orders will be delivered on that day.

Orders placed through June 30th:

Orders going to pink and yellow zones (see map below) will ship normally, with delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday. Last day to ship to the yellow zone! 
Orders going to the blue zone (3-day) have three options will be shipped on Monday with a 1-day delay, and will arrive Friday, July 5th. We do have the option to upgrade your package for an additional charge if you would your beef before July 4th.

Orders placed July 1st to July 2nd at 10am CST:

Orders shipping to the pink zone will ship with a Wednesday, July 3rd delivery. Yellow and blue zone orders will be held until Monday, July 8th.
Orders placed after 10am CST on July 2nd:
All orders will be held until Monday, July 8th.


E-mail hannah@honestbeefco.com or call 308-455-9410. We are ridiculously responsive!

Honest Beef Shipping Map

Pink Zone: 1-Day     Yellow Zone: 2-Day      Blue Zone: 3-Day 

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